Dr. Craig was first exposed to chiropractic after having a rib injury in HS football. He was having difficulty breathing and standing up strait and made an appointment with a local chiropractor. The adjustment made such a huge difference that he was struck with disbelief. "When can I play again?" He asked. "Well, tomorrow if you are feeling up to it" She said. "Amazing!"

But the real amazement came a few days after his first adjustment, when he realized the daily headaches he had been having for years had dissappeared. He had forgotten what it was like not to have a headache. A very strong interest in chiropractic was born. 


Dr. Craig finished his bachelor's degree at the University of North Dakota and entered chiropractic school at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN in 2003. He began shadowing chiropractors in the area to get a feel for what life would be like in practice. That's when he discovered a couple of doctors using Applied Kinesiology. After being completely blown away by what these doctors were treating and getting better, and doing so before his eyes, a burning passion was born to dive heavily into this lifetime study to become a master of this technique. 

Dr Craig graduated Northwestern in 2007, and took an associate position in Salt Lake City, UT. He spent four years at this practice where he received plenty of clinical experience in examination and treatment of patients six days per week. Its estimated that he delivered around 23,000 treatments during his time there and saw a wide range of patient presentations. 


Still passionate about his continued growth utilizing Applied Kinesiology, he took a position in Pueblo, CO, at a world renowned clinic utilizing Applied Kinesiology formerly owned and operated by the late Dr. David Walther DC, author of textbooks Applied Kinesiology Volume I, Volume II, and Synopsis. The clinic was taken over by Dr. Scott Cuthbert, who continued the Applied Kinesiology textbook series, and also published over 20 peer reviewed research papers on Applied Kinesiology. Here Dr. Craig was able to dive into whats likely the largest personal chiropractic library in the world, and was exposed to the work of the many great healers in AK. He spent over 4 years at this clinic diving into AK and having great clinical successes. 

Dr Craig is very grateful to have studied from these masters who have shared their clinical expertise and allowed Dr. Craig to expand and grow into the type of physician he has wanted to become:

Dr. Wally Schmitt, author "Treatment of glandular disorders using Applied Kinesiology", "Compilation of Clinical Nutritional Products" , "Stop Your Pain NOW" and "Quintissential Applications". 

Dr. Michael Lebowitz, lecturer, "Treating the Complex Patient" -Food Allergies, Dysbiosis, Heavy Metals and Environmental Toxins

Dr. Freddy Ulan, lecturer, "Nutritional Response Testing (NRT)"

Dr. Scott Walker, lecturer, "Neuro-emotional Technique (NET)"

And all of the wonderful physicians who share their insights at the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) Annual Meeting. 

Dr Craig is a chiropractor in Monticello, MN who brings his experience and passion for learning to his patients. He is looking forward to helping his community through hard work, integrity, honesty and service. 


Dr. Shaun Craig DC, FIAMA

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) Northwestern Health Sciences University

Fellow of the International Acadamy of Medical Acupuncture (FIAMA)

Bachelor of Science (BS) Biology, University of North Dakota

Dr. Shaun Craig Chiropractor in Monticello, MN