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Chiropractic care

Chiropractic adjustments have traditionally been given using very specific forces delivered by hand to mobilize joints that are restricted in motion. Those joints can be any where in the body. The purpose is to restore proper motion and functional integrity of the joints, which immediately increases joint range of motion and decreases pain. Years of clinical experience has allowed many in the profession to realize that there are multiple ways of accomplishing this, and more gentle approaches (non-force) techniques have been developed using the assistance of chiropractic adjusting tools, drop pieces in chiropractic tables, Dejarnette pelvic blocks and mobilization with the assistance of the patients breath. The goal in all cases is to improve the range of motion, decrease pain, and improve the joint's communication with the nervous system. Serving as a chiropractor in Monticello, MN, Dr Craig uses a chiropractic technique / method that he feels will provide safe, effective results in the quickest amount of time. 



The practice of acupuncture is much more than simply placing needles in the skin. Acupuncture has been estimated to have began between 5000 to 10000 years ago, and is based off of ancient Taoist philosophy and principles. Needles are placed into very specific points that have demonstrated to have very specific effects on the body. Interestingly, out of all the "alternative" treatments available to patients such as clinical nutrition, herbalism, chiropractic, etc, acupuncture treatment is by far the most at odds with western medical treatment philosophy, yet it is gaining increased acceptance in medical circles and is being practiced in many western hospitals. The types of conditions that have been successfully treated using this method would exhaust this web page. Dr Craig is certified / licensed as an acupunturist and provides acupunture in Monticello, MN. 


Clinical Nutrition / Herbalism

In order for a patient to heal, the body needs certain nutrients from the environment to accomplish this. There are many reasons for nutrient deficiency, such as lack of dietary intake (Iodine, Magnesium and Molybdenum are common), increased utilization of nutrients do to stress (hypothylamic-pituitary-adrenal axis exhaustion common), increased chemical toxicity stress due to dysbiosis (abnormal / stressful populations of microbes in the body, usually the intestines), increased nutritional load do to inflammation, increased nutritional load due to allergies / sensitivities, and increased chemical stress due to environmental toxicity (heavy metals, pesticides, fire retardants, food / air / water toxicity, etc). An Applied Kinesiology examination, along with patient history, will show areas of stress throughout the body through certain reflexes, or just gross weakness in the patient connected to certain neurological circuits that will respond to the intake of clinical nutrition that has been formulated specifically to treat those dysfunctional circuits (basic AK example: patient under excess stress, adrenal glands become exhausted, patient begins feeling symptoms (fatigue, dizzyness, muscle soreness/stiffness etc), glands begin sending stress signals (sensory-visceral) to spinal cord, changes occur in the motor neuron pool in the spinal cord, decreased motor output to sartorious muscle, patient presents with weak sartorius muscle, strengthens to adrenal nutrient). Patients may be asked to change their diet, to avoid certain food allergens, or to take clinical nutrition to resolve these problems. It's been Dr. Craig's experience that many of the reasons patients lose their chiropractic corrections immediately is due to these factors that have not been addressed. 


Myofascial Release / Trigger Point Therapy / Muscle work

In order for joints to move properly, muscles have to be contracting and relaxing properly, and firing at the appropriate times during movement. Often, the reason a patient is presenting with pain is due to improper firing of muscles, which puts an abnormal load on the joint, which results in joint inflammation and pain. In some cases, due to previous injury, a muscle may not be firing properly due to scar tissue (surgical scars common), abnormal functioning of muscle nerve receptors (called muscle proprioceptors, which relay information about joint length and tone), injury or over stretching of a muscle displacing it from its fascia,  accumulation of myofascial adhesions (TFL and Pectoralis major common), or accumulation of muscle "trigger points" (jaw and shoulder muscles common). An AK examination will identify these dysfunctional muscles, what the problem with the muscle(s) is, and how to treat it. 


Neuro-emotional Technique (NET)

NET is a technique developed by Scott Walker DC over 25 years ago that utilizes muscle testing, the acupuncture meridian system, and emotional stressors. Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes what are called acupuncture meridians, which are channels of electromagnetic energy that run through the body from the fingertips to the head, and through the chest and into the toes. Acupuncture points are located along these meridians. In some cases, unresolved emotional stressors can result in imbalances throughout the meridian system, like blowing an electrical circuit. For instance, the emotion "fear" will often affect the Kidney meridian, blowing the kidney meridian energy channel. People can experience this in different ways, but commonly people will experience this as low back stiffness, and they may even realize that their low back stiffness is worse when they are feeling a lot of stress. NET is a technique that will identify the affected meridian, locate the emotion or feeling affecting the meridian, and the meridian is treated while the patient thinks about the stressful event. Many patients experience immediate relief of their symptomatic complaint, and will also feel that stress doesn't affect them as negatively as before the treatment. 




Gosh, I don't even know where to begin thanking Dr Craig for all he has done for me. When I called to make my first appointment to see him, I was hopeless concerning my health. I had tried SO MANY different things to try to get better. I am so incredibly grateful that my friend recommended that I come to see Dr. Craig. He's changed my life. I am on a completely new path. No one has ever invested as much as him in getting to the root of my problems. I am astounded by the emotional issues that have come to light. I have never experienced the amount of progress like I've have these last few weeks. I have hope again! I feel empowered and know that lots of good things are in mine and my family's future. 
Thanks to Dr. Craig from the very bottom of my heart. I will never forget being under his care. Minnesota is blessed to be in his care as well. 

Kate L.

Thank you Dr. Craig for helping me! I am finally seeing results after years of failed treatment. I am able to have more energy, laughing comes easier, and I can breathe a little better through my nose and I have even noticed that I can smell things! I was pretty scared that I had completely lost my sense of smell. While my congestion has not cleared up 100%, I am really excited about the improvements so far. These changes may seem small, but for me they are huge steps towards feeling well, and in turn being a better mom, wife and person! I know that coming to see Dr. Craig, and receiving healing from him, and feeling better has been an answer to a prayer for me, one that I had almost given up on. I think God has given Dr. Craig  a gift of healing. I pray that he finds his niche in Minnesota, and that him and his family are blessed there. 

Nurse G.

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