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Healing George's Cancer

This is the story of my 9 year old boxer, George, being diagnosed with terminal cancer, given 3 weeks to 3 months to live, and how we healed him in 17 days using Applied Kinesiology, 3 traditional herbs, and lots of love (documented with photos).


In chiropractic school I had met the love of my life and we had been dating for a few months, and being that we were so fond of each other, we had a crazy idea to get a dog. Neither of us lived in a place that accepted dogs, but we knew this is what we wanted, and we wouldn't let anything stand in our way. So we drove across Minnesota to a breeder and brought home George, a 7 week old male boxer.

We brought George EVERYWHERE. Chipotle. Target. Grocery Store. Eventually we moved to Salt Lake City, Utah... Our first house purchase had to have a fenced in yard for George. We even got a second boxer, Gracie, to keep George entertained. Then onto Colorado. Second house purchase. Had to make sure we had a good yard for the dogs. George was there during the birth of our first and second child. He is always there for us. George is family. Eventually we moved back to Minnesota, where my wife's family lives. George had always been healthy. Aside from having a grain allergy which caused frequent episodes of diarrhea, and was remedied by a grain free diet, George has been extremely healthy. He did suffer, however, from dental issues. We never brushed his teeth. An embarrassing admission, but I'm sure many dog owners can relate. Cancer begins: Boxer's have a jowel that drops down below their jaw. We began noticing in October of 2015 that his jowel and lip was becoming red and inflamed. A colleague of mine who treats animals suggested Vetericin, a wound care spray that cleaned the area. It knocked down the inflammation in about a week. We thought we had knocked it out, and didn't see the re-appearance of it until shortly after our move back to MN. It re-appeared in the same place, just shortly after in January. So we went back to the Vetericin. This time it was having no effect. Day, after day, after day, I kept spraying it on, expecting it to recede. By the end of February, his mouth continued to look inflamed. Now I was noticing that the lip was becoming semi-hard, with a palpable mass, that felt like a firm, juicy pocket of inflammation. It would begin bleeding. Sometimes there would drops of blood on the tile floor, that our three year old was always quick to point out. We had been so buried with other life stressors that we really didn't have much time / energy to give it much attention. Around the end of February, or maybe sometime in March, my wife noticed the inside of George's thigh had a strange change in the skin. "Look at George's leg, that doesn't look good" Boxers are notorious for skin problems and skin growths. His entire life he has had benign growths in random places. We hoped this was just another benign growth. But, in a few short weeks, this growth ballooned, and all of the skin and hair fell off of it. Again, we were buried with life stressors, really didn't have time to address it. Deep down I had the feeling it could be something bad. Eventually we decided we needed to get him to the vet. We knew of an awesome vet that would be perfect to bring George to... We brought him to Pomeroy's Small Animal Hospital in downtown St Paul. Unfortunately Dr. Pomeroy with 42 years of veterinary experience, was booked out, and we had more waiting... another two weeks to get him in. Dr. Pomeroy looked at George's mouth and leg growths. He took a needle biopsy, which resulted in a lot of bleeding, and came back from the microscope. "It's not good. It's cancer, and it's very aggressive. There are cells with mixed differentiation, and many that are highly undifferentiated. They are highly vascular, which is referred to as angiogenesis. The tumor on the mouth and the leg appear to be connected. It appears to be squamous cell carcinoma, with metastasis, or stage 3 cancer. Very aggressive. Most likely the cancer spread though his lymphatic system. Your options are 1) chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. There is a great clinic that I can refer you for that. I don't recommend it. Your children may be exposed to the chemotherapy. It's very expensive. You may get a couple extra months. You may actually lose a couple of months. 2) Keep him happy, give him lots of hugs, and when he's ready, have him euthanized. You'll know when it's time, the tumors will continue to bleed, and eventually won't stop bleeding. Best case scenario, you have about 3 months with him. Worst case scenario, about 3 weeks." We were devastated. I told my wife and she lost it. We were going though so much at once and this was icing on the cake. My three year old was wondering why George still had ow-wees and whether we would have to keep going back to the doggy doctor. I told her that George is very old, and we need to give George lots of love and hugs. "I don't want George to leave" she said. Learning that George was at the end of life really changed how we looked at him. "Screw it, you don't need a leash. Go jump in the mud" was my attitude. I told my wife that I couldn't live with myself if I didn't at least try something. I thought maybe if I at least tried something maybe we could get more time with him. She agreed. The next day, I grabbed my test vials from my office. DISCLAIMER: ***I am a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, Acupuncturist and Professional Applied Kinesiologist. I am not an Oncologist. I am not a Veterinarian. I am not a Veterinary Oncologist. This was my best response to being put into a crappy situation with a dog I care deeply for. I was applying a modified version of one of the best healing methods I am aware of referred to as the "Lebowitz technique" . This method has worked tremendously in many difficult human health cases where many other methods failed. This was my first veterinary case. My first cancer case. I have no idea if this will work for other dogs or other cancers. This is for informational purposes only. Using a modified version of one method of Applied Kinesiology testing, out of testing hundreds of vials of different stressors, George showed up on three stressors. A virus, candida (yeast), and a blood parasite known as Babesia. The remedies that tested were three traditional herbs used for thousands of years. Melia Supreme (Powdered Neem- Ayurvedic Medicine), Illicium Supreme (Powdered Star Anise- Chinese Medicine), and Vital Guard Supreme (Powdered Chrysanthimum-Chinese Medicine) April 27, 2016 (Day 0): One day after diagnosis. My thumb is on the back side of the tumor, which extends forward into the red area of his lip / jowel.

This was one day after diagnosis. My thumb is at the back side of the tumor, and the red mass extends forward

Below: one angle of the tumor on his thigh. The measuring tape is behind it, showing it's thickness.

Below: Same tumor, different angle, better lighting. Notice the shiny appearance.

April 30, 2016 (day 3): On herbs for three days. Mass on right jowel down 50%. A smaller, very hard mass the size of a pea, and consistency of wood is first noticed posterior to the original mass, but can't be seen in photo. BELOW:

Leg mass started to change shape. Losing it's smooth egg shape appearance. Perimeter appears to be shrinking. Still shiny and oozy.

A close up of the leg mass (Below). Outside edge is showing signs of new skin growth.

May 5, 2016 (Day 7): Mass on lip / jowel down 80%. The very hard mass discovered 4 days ago is about the same. Lip is starting the scab over (Below)

Mass on leg down 20% thickness. Perimeter is growing new skin and covering about 30% of mass. Below.

New skin covering tumor, less shiny / oozy appearance (below)

May 7, 2016 (day 10): George developed a corneal ulcer / abrasion causing eye irritation / inflammation. Not sure if its an herb reaction or injury. Discontinued Vital Guard Supreme (Crysanthemum). Tumor in jowel lip down 90%. Still has hard, pea sized palpable mass. Redness on lip and crustiness / scabbing occuring.

Leg mass down 80% thickness. New skin growth covering 60% of tumor. Some redness / crustiness still in middle of tumor BELOW:

Leg tumor close up, clearly healing. New skin growth moving in. BELOW

May 11, 2016 (Day 14) The corneal abrasion / ulcer looks better but inflammation still comes and goes. Jowel / Lip: No evidence of primary tumor. Hard, pea sized palpable mass down 50%. Lip still has some redness and swelling, still crusting over and healing.

Rolling the lip out exposes some swelling. This is very soft, movable swelling. Still crusting over / healing (below):

Leg mass down 99%. New skin / hair growth covering 100% of tumor. Some scaling / flaking of skin and discoloration still visible

Close up of whats left of leg tumor after two weeks on herbs.

May 14, 2016 (Day 17) I started using Witch Hazel on the left eye 2 days ago, looking much better, slight conjunctival irritation / redness. Jowel / lip: No palpable evidence of primary tumor or the previous hard / pea sized tumor. Redness and swelling on lip is still there but noticeably improved, with some scabbing still present.

Thigh below

Mild flaky, dry skin appearance of where the leg tumor was located. Site is not raised, just flaking of skin (most likely residual apoptosis):

These results far exceeded our expectations. I called yesterday to make an appointment with the vet. I cant get into him until May 24th. I bet he will be blown away when he sees George. I will post updates when I get them!

Dosing Details:

Neem: 1 capsule twice per day. Continues to take.

Illicium: 1 capsule three times per day. Now 1 capsule 2 times per day.

Chrysanthemum: 1 capsule three times per day. Discontinued after 6 days.

Initially capsules were pushed to the back of his throat then he would swallow. He got better at working them back up and spitting them out over the course of the week. Some would break open and leave him with a mouth full of herbs (and good smelling breath!). So after one week I just spun open the capsules and mixed them into wet food, which he would devour in a minute.

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