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Healing George's Cancer: Update

We visited the vet today... to say that his mind was blown was an understatement. 4 weeks ago he had just diagnosed George with terminal cancer, a very common diagnosis in aging boxers. I brought George into Dr Pomeroy's veterinary office and put him on the table. After several minutes of him going back and forth between his notes and George's mouth, looking at all sides, I laughed and told him "check the tumor on his leg". He couldn't find anything. He scratched his head. He saw the smile on my face and I saw how shocked he was. "I suppose you want to know what happened?" I asked. "Yeah, you better believe it. What did you do!?" This is an update from my previous blog on Healing George's Cancer.

My previous blog showed the progressive healing of George's tumors from one day after his diagnosis, to 17 days later after consuming 2-3 traditional herbs. George's mouth tumor one day after diagnosis, my thumb is on the back side of the tumor that extends into the red area: BEFORE:

AFTER: Day 17 on herbs:

Close up of leg tumor on day 4: New skin growth on perimeter BEFORE:

AFTER: leg tumor 17 days on the herbs

Today was day 28, I brought him into the vet. He was absolutely dumbfounded. He brought the other veterinarian into the room and I showed him the pictures from my previous blog and the progressive healing. He confirmed that the cancer was 99% gone. I explained to him that I do Applied Kinesiology, and that the herb selection was made based off of muscle testing findings, and I explained to him the technique I used. Dr. Pomeroy was absolutely blown away. He said "put what I say into your blog. This is a MIRACLE! An absolute MIRACLE! In 42 years of practice, I have treated a few cases that resulted in regression of tumors, but never with distal metastasis, especially in a BOXER!!! I thought I had tried everything! Early in practice I used chemotherapy, radiation and surgery but I gave that up. I spent 2 years researching cancer in mice and rats. I have tried countless supplements and herbal treatments though the years. I continue to experiment with new cancer treatments. Please understand. You need to be very proud of yourself. I can tell you with great certainty that there isn't a single veterinarian in the United States who could have done what you did with him. Through the years I have seen miracles in practice. This has to be the top... Top five for sure. Whatever you did, you hit a home-run. Somehow, with what you did, you were able to get the body to recognize the cancer. The body became aware of it, and just healed it." Dr. Pomeroy's words were very exciting to hear. I knew this was a special case, but he confirmed just how very special this case was. The gravity of what occurred was sinking in for me. Something very, very profound had happened. Right before my eyes. In plain view. One of the most dreaded, aggressive and highly fatal diseases just melted away. It healed. I also let Dr. Pomeroy know that since his last visit, a week or so ago, in the fold of his left eye, hidden, I stumbled upon several other small, bright red tumors. I don't know how long they were there. There were two, about the size of a pea, and what looked like 10-15 others that looked like small red bumps, scattered across the fold. This made me nervous because I thought maybe the cancer spread and took up a new home.

But these also melted away

Dr. Pomeroy didn't know what to think about his prognosis, as this is a special case. He felt, that if the cancer stays gone for about 9 months, we'll probably be good. But always look out for a recurrence. If it happens... he suggested to try what I did before. But since the immune system is engaged, and cleaning up like it's supposed to... He didn't expect a recurrence. It's different then treating with chemotherapy. We weren't treating to kill cancer. We were treating to heal George's immune system. I'm still trying to absorb the gravity of what happened. Theories are abound in my head to explain what happened. It most certainly couldn't be written off as a placebo effect. Certainly not a coincidence. A fluke? Not a chance. This was a clear result from the testing and treatment, even though it far exceeded my expectations. Could it be replicated? I have absolutely no idea. What a crazy life. Feeling blessed. Glad to have George here with us! ***DISCLAIMER: My name is Dr. Shaun Craig and I am a chiropractor, acupuncturist and professional applied kinesiologist. I am not a veterinarian, an oncologist, or veterinary oncologist. This treatment was specific for my own dog, a reaction I had to having to deal with his terminal diagnosis. I have absolutely no idea if the technique used could help others with cancer. This blog is meant to inspire, bring awareness, and maybe bring hope to others suffering. It is for information purposes only.

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