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George: 1 year cancer update

This is a 1 year update on George, how we beat back and healed his cancer naturally 3 times, and how we found and removed the underlying cause of his cancer. The purpose of this blog is informational, to share what we learned during this process and to inspire and bring hope to others.

George is a 10 year old boxer who last year was diagnosed by a very experienced vet to have terminal cancer, squamous cell carcinoma with metastisis, a very aggressive skin cancer common in dogs, and was given 3 weeks to 3 months to live. We managed to heal his cancer naturally, unexpectedly and miraculously in under 28 days using three traditional herbs, Melia, Illicium and Crysanthemum. This was detailed with pictures in my previous blog, "Healing George's Cancer".

Two of the herbs, Melia and Illicium, he was kept on for the next 7 months, as an attempt of a "maintenance" dosage to keep any return of the cancer at bay.

The cancer returned at about 7 months after it had left. It came back very strong, very aggressively. He started with a few tumors on the back of his leg, then began getting them all over his body. We counted 9 tumors total.

I went back to the original methodology of Applied Kinesiology testing and found that he was testing for two essential oil blends, which go by BFB1 and BFB2 by Supreme nutrition. I began putting essential oils directly on the tumors. Unfortunately, after two weeks, the tumors continued to grow aggressively, and new tumors were being formed. Things were looking grim.

One of the tumors that started on his thigh

Both tumors starting on his thigh

So after two weeks of the essential oils not working as hoped, I put him back on the original three herbs, Melia, Illicium and Crysanthemum. The cancer began to heal again:

Same two tumors healing, weeks later

Another tumor, healing

Another tumor, healing

This picture shows the outside of the tumor becoming necrotic (dying) while the portion closer to the skin still has adequate blood supply. This was just lateral to his right breast

The problem that I ran into, is that Chrysanthemum is generally recognized as toxic to dogs. Usually it's associated with vomiting and diarrhea. However, George began developing an eye ulcer that I knew was related to the chrysanthemum. So I decided to back off the Chrysanthemum, to give his eye time to heal.

During this time, tumors began to literally fall off of him. Initially I saw this as a good thing.

Right shoulder, after mass had fell off

But what I later found out, was that as soon as we stopped the Chrysanthemum, the tumors began growing back, aggressively. The underlying tumor was pushing off the old, dried necrotic portion of the tumor which had died.

So now, we were in a serious pickle. Do I continue to give him Chrysanthemum, which will continue to ulcerate his eye, potentially causing him to go blind? But if I don't the cancer would come back aggressively and kill him. So I put him back on the Chrysanthemum. And like the other times before, the tumors began to shrink and die, and his eye ulcer began to get worse. Eventually his eye began to turn red underneath the ulcer, as if there was bleeding below the cornea. We consulted a vet about the eye.

In a rather serendipitous timing, my wife had overheard some colleagues talking about a Facebook group called "Otsego Mystery Illnesses" where many people were coming down with strange illnesses and cancer in township of Otsego (where I live). The speculation was that something might be in the water. So I began investigating, and found this water report from 2014. It shows that the level of Radium, a radioactive metal, was found in the drinking water to be 2 times the EPA maximum contamination level allowed:

Concerned, we immediately purchased a water filter for our sink. We had been drinking filtered water through our fridge when we moved into our new place in Minnesota. Our dogs had always had filtered water to drink throughout their entire lives. But when we moved to our new place, the dog dish would not fit under the fridge water dispenser, so we began giving them unfiltered tap water. Interestingly, this is the exact time that George's mouth tumor initially began to appear...

We brought George into see the vet and she confirmed the eye ulcer and that it was very advanced, and she gave us some medication to help it heal. In the mean time, I took George off all of the herbs, and just had him on some Standard Process Canine Dermal Support (nutrition to promote skin healing). I was hoping the eye ulcer would heal quickly so we could again began fighting his cancer again with the herbs.

But something else happened. As soon as we began filtering his water, his tumors began to shrink and heal over again. This time without the herbs.

This is the same tumor (right shoulder) as the picture with the quarter above, one month after filtering his water.

All of his tumors began healing over again. The only change we made, aside from the eye medication, was the addition of filtering his water.

His eye healed completely. All of his tumors healed over the next two months. Here is a picture of the above tumor today:

What's left of the right shoulder tumor, today. All of the hair has filled in the area. Skin appears healed. Some pigmentation of the hair is still visible.

Whats left of the tumor lateral to his right breast

Currently, we continue to have him consuming filtered water, and he has not been taking any herbs for 4 months. He is showing no visible signs of cancer. His diet is very strict, where he gets a grain free, high meat content dry kibble and very little treats, which when he does are meat only (no fillers, grains or preservatives). He is very healthy for a 10 1/2 year old dog.

The case of George has been very enlightening to me and I have learned a lot. What I learned:

1) Some cases of cancer likely can be helped tremendously with traditional healing herbs.

2) Environmental factors are a likely cause in many types of cancer. Filter your water and that of your pets.

3) The body has a miraculous ability to heal itself, when stressors are removed and the body is given what it needs. Even cancer.

Thanks for reading and sharing. It is my wish that this info can be used to help others.

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